Sunday, 19 February 2012

New, available on our website: Gallia French Beer

Gallia Beer. Founded in 1890, Gallia became an iconic Beer brand in Paris until the 1960s when the high cost of production caused the Beer to cease production. In 2008, two Parisian friends revived the beer with its original recipe and gradually began to place it back in the bars and restaurants of the city.

The beer is a pilsner style 5.5% abv "blonde" lager, available in 33cl bottles. Chill well, close your eyes and imagine you are in a chic Parisian bar !

Ingredients:  A 5.5% abv pilsner, blonde, sparkling beer. In 33cl bottles.

Additional Information:  In 2010 two French entrepeneurs decided that as Paris was one of a few cities in the world that did not have its own beer, they would revive a once iconic brand and return to the city its authentic great beer. Founded in 1890 by Jean-Jaques Wolhunther, the Gallia brewery produced beers in central Paris. The brewery was in full production in the capital until its closure in 1969. Using the original recipe and distributed in Paris since 2010, Gallia can now be found in many reknowned places such a Chez Colette, Bon Marche, Lafayette Gourmet and many small, chic bars around the capital.

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